About Us

 Consulting Services

Counts Business Consulting (CBC) is a family owned business specializing in the recycling and towing industries. CBC works with customers to better their future growth opportunities. Family owners are Chad Counts, Robert Counts and Cindy Counts. If you need a service that is not listed below, reach out. We are always working to meet the needs of our customers. CBC can help with almost any facet of your business:


  • Hiring Services
  • Sales Management Services
  • Sales Training Services
  • Online Consulting Services
  • Software Consulting Services
  • Daily Performance Updates
  • Owners’ Group Services
  • Individual Consulting Services

Chad Counts is the general manager of Counts Business Consulting (CBC). He consults with recyclers and manages owners’ groups. He specializes in hiring services, sales management services and sales training services. Chad works to introduce new products and helps customers to grow and transform their business. He is the co-owner of CBCDashboard.

Robert Counts works with recyclers and towing businesses. He manages owners’ groups that are largely family owned. Robert does independent consulting in succession planning, financial health, facility layout and design, buying, production, sales and sales management. Robert has experience in land development, commercial construction and inventory control.

Cindy Counts negotiates with hotels, manages meeting planning, assists with business management and communication outreach. Cindy’s experience is in group management, event planning, marketing, and media communication.