About Us

Robert Counts is a small business owner and currently works with automotive recyclers and towing businesses in the United States, Canada, and the U.K. He manages owners' groups that are largely family owned businesses. Robert works as a Team PRP Profit Group leader in addition to conducting Owner's groups for independent companies.  Robert does independent consulting on buying, sales and sales management, operations, customer relations, financial health and facility layout and design. He has experience in land development, commercial construction and inventory control. Robert conducts seminars on sales, operations/production, inventory systems, growing the business, managing difficult employees, managing the family business, and succession planning. Robert designed the United Recycler's Group Accreditation Program.

Chad Counts consults with recyclers, conducts owner's groups, and specializes in sales management and production management. Currently, Chad is working on new customer acquisitions, new product and formula development, and managing preparations for owner's meetings and individual trips. Chad is also working with Team PRP Profit teams as well as leading Independent Owner's Groups. Chad provides statistical analysis and personality assessments to support small and family businesses. He specializes in family dynamics and communications. Since 2008, Chad has been providing training regarding understanding others personalities, dealing with conflict, and communication strategies.